Homage to Pandit Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar Releases New Album

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Anoushka Shankar Releases New Album Home, in fact Anoushka Shankar Releases New Album after a long gap as last one was Anourag ’s Released in 2000. Home album is in a way to rewire with her origins after the five well-received albums that were more trial and free-wheeling in the way they mixed the sound of her sitar with jazz, pop, electronica, folk. The newest home album for which she’s now exploring India, she plays in Mumbai on Saturday and in Delhi on Sunday. Home is Anoushka Shankar’s first solo album of classical Indian music in 15 years.

The album is also meant to be homage to Shri Pandit Ravi Shankar, the sitar maestro & sitar legend who deceased three years ago. Anoushka Shankar plays Jogeshwari, one of the many ragas created by him, in the alaap, jod, jhaala and gat style, in which Indian classical music is traditionally played in this song Home. After her father, she was conscious to compose on Indian classical and was doing a lot of tribute concerts and those were all classical music. She was enjoying herself and then thought of putting it on record as she has sharpened her skills in last 10 years.

That’s an expressive statement from an artiste who had her first solo concert performance at the age of 13, began convoying her superstar father on stage from the age of 14 and cut her first album of classical Indian ragas at the age of 17.

Most part of Home was recorded at Anoushka Shankar’s London home, in the studio that she got built last year so she could continue to work while pregnant. Mohan was born in February this year; she has another son, Zubin, who’s four years old now.

Homage to Pandit Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar Releases New Album

But what about music— surely, they don’t get to listen to much classical Indian music? Anoushka Shankar is not worried. “I grew up in London and New York, and it was a part of my growing up. There were all these other kinds of music, but Indian classical was never foreign to me. It’ll be the same with my sons. I try to expose them to it as much as I can. Also, I don’t have plans for them to become musicians” as quoted by DNA India.

It’s been two years since Shankar has been in India, and she’s looking forward to a relaxed time with friends and relatives. Up next, in the coming spring she’ll release another album, Land of Gold, which will be more in line with the kind of world music fare she’s been doing over the years. That album, for which she’ll have a more widespread promotional tour schedule—Home promo concerts are happening only in India—is on Europe’s refugee crisis, she says. The song is about borders and migration. Her husband Joe White (British director of Pride and Prejudice fame) has come on board as producer, and she is very excited to have worked with M.I.A. Vanessa Redgrave.

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