Sign of The Change in Music scene in India

Indian Indie Music, Trending Music / by Atit Sharma / Oct 27, 2016

The August month had breaking news among Indian Music-lovers. The International Band “Cold-Play” declared its India tour. They are going to perform in India on 19th November, 2016. This is the big sign of the change in the Indian Music scene. As soon as the gig was announced, then the people started discussing about the gig as well as tickets prices etc. The performance will be a part of the Global Citizen Festival.

In rapidly changing music scene in India, big-ticket concerts have been a part of the new culture. The growth in the import of music and musicians from Europe and America have been boosting of interest in Indian youngsters for music genres.

Western music promoters have taken note of the widening interest of music in India. Leading western DJs nowadays are playing in India. Some of the Indian American young music lovers nowadays do visit India to attend big gigs and concerts. In this new days when the change is happening, many get surprised.

India now host a series of music festivals. Sunburn is held annually in Goa. In recent days, you can find many music festivals in Bengaluru. From heavy metal to blues festivals, you can find a lot in the Bengaluru. There also occurs Cult fest, a unique music fest event introduced in Bengaluru.

Beyond the concerts and events, a new culture of music in cafes and lounges is also growing. As per the music insiders, the number of albums released by the Indian artists is growing drastically. This is a clear indication that Indians are exposed to all kind of music.

Atit Sharma
Atit works with an e-commerce company & follows music as a fanatic. In his word “Life is a dream for me and music is my ventilator, can’t live without it.”

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