“The Tapi Project” : Contemporary Folk Band Creating Unique Place in Indie Scene

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Today we gonna have a brief look on a Contemporary folk band from Surat The Tapi Project,  which is making its presence at national and international level and is occupying a unique place.

After releasing an album and touring across India with his band Odyssey, Yogi, was looking forward to do something in “world music category”. He was looking for a good vocalist so that he can divert his focus on writing and composing. He met Swati at a college competition where he was a judge and she was a part of the band that was judged as the winners. Impressed by Swati and observing a slightly different vocal delivery by her, Yogi asked her to join his band and that’s how “Tapi Project” the Contemporary folk band.

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There is also a story behind the name of the band “The Tapi project”. Basically Yogi and Swati both are born in Tapi, Surat. Both of them while composing the song called “Tapi song” connected with river tapi and decided to name the band as “The Tapi Project”. It’s basically a dedication, tribute to river Tapi, all rivers of the world as well as natural resources and nature of the world.

“The Tapi Project” is basically a contemporary folk band. Yogi, band’s lead member, has been a part of various local cover bands in Surat. Yogi has been a writer and has started working on his writing and film making skills. Swati, the vocalist with the band, has been working with PWD department and have been singing with some local cover bands as well. Anand Mani is HR Manager with Genpact and Nihit Gupta is an electronic producer, musician and has his own studio.

Further speaking about the debut album and the work by various members. Yogi, the lead member himself is the lyrics writer. Music is composed by Yogi and Swati. As far as instrumentation is concerned Yogi has played acoustic, electric, lead and bass. Anand has also played acoustic, electric, lead and bass on some songs. Anand also has played on keyboards. Live Drums are played by Vinayak Pol from Mumbai who plays with likes of Sunidhi Chauhan and Rahul Sharma. Tabla is played by Tuheen Chakravorty from Indian Ocean band. Sitar is played by Dhruv from New Delhi. Violin is played by Julien Moretto from Montpellier, France. Surando is played by Osmanbhai from Naliya Kutch. Anand has given the backing vocals. The album is recorded and mixed by Nihit Gupta of “The Mix Studio” of New Delhi. One of the songs from this album, “Paigam” is topping the Euro Indie Music Charts. It has been at #59 on Euro Indie Music Chart.

On discussing about their video “Paigham” and travel to Gujarat, they have to say that the experience to travel around Gujarat was humble as well as inspiring. They realized that they want to keep doing this more to become better human beings. About reconciling traditional instruments and folk music with new age sounds, Yogi told to Music Fulcrum “I think any music geners of music can exist together, it’s their motive and directions that matter.”
Then Band spoke about the typical process that they follow in creating a song or an album. In their song/album creation, lyrics play an important role. Most of the music comes with a thought or philosophy which is very strong at heart. They create a basic melody and weave the music and lyrics around it, Contemporary folk music makes the soothing as well. They create demo for all songs but a lot is left for the recording process and most of the times the final arrangement happens at studio.
Discussing on the technical aspects of producing the music, Band says that in today’s time producing music is not a big deal, like it used to be in old days. Going to big studios and big expenses are not a part of deal anymore. Software and hardwares are available to record entire album. Yes but one has to learn everything in order to produce a good listenable record.

On asking about the music making scene in Surat and Gujarat, Band is not much happy as they don’t get many resources. He says that they recorded one of their albums in delhi. But yes he do agrees that for a comfort in a small city life, surat is a great city. There is less traffic and less commuting issues in Surrat as well as in Gujarat.

“The Tapi Project” has plans to travel a lot and create new music with lot new musicians from India and other countries too.

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