Be A MF Contributor – Contribute for Promoting Indian Music Scene

As you want to become MF Contributor is simple, the kind of things we do there is always space for freedom for everyone but you need to have  interest to Contribute for promoting indian music scene with Music Fulcrum promote indian music scene. We have opportunities for freelance, part time, full time, no commitment of fixed hours, with pressure, with high pressure, commitment based, low commitment, highly skilled, low skilled, internships, senior management, lead the organisation, in short there are no limitations. We hope you had also read About MusicFulcrum, that will help you to know us better. Music Fulcrum Contributors will be a right opportunity just be always around music and promote music, by in fact promoting & featuring you will Contribute for Promoting Indian Music Scene. We use Creativity, Activation & Digital Marketing to promote music and make it commercially viable.

We work on a contribution based model and we look forward to move step by step ahead with building partnerships in various form to contribute. We eat, sleep, drink, Walk, Jump, Dance, & everything to promote & feature music. We are passionate & mad people who are carved for only to Promote Music, we are crazy we dont bite but well make each other laugh end of the day. Feel free to talk to us for becoming contributor and contribute for promoting indian music scene. We are open for new ways to collaborate to RiseUpWidMusic & just drop an email, we will get back to you.

We need more and more hands to promote music thats all we can say so if you feel like you want to do it, mind it we do it with full heart in it!

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