Irrfan Khan to play Music mentor in upcoming movie

Indian Indie Music, Trending Music / by Atit Sharma / Oct 28, 2016

In the upcoming movie i.e a romantic debut, Irrfan khan to play music mentor to Sushant Singh Rajput. The name of the movie is “Takadum”. Irrfan’s look in the musical love story will be modelled on Mick Jagger and John Lennon. Jagger is defined as the frontman of the “Rock n Roll” genre. Lennon is the singer, song-writer and co-founder of the band Beatles. Irrfan’s mannerisms aspect would be like Lennon and overall appearance would be like “Jagger’s”. Irrfan have grown his hair and is checking videos of the two singers to get into the character.

Whether Irrfan will learn music or not for this movie he is not sure. But he says that he says that someday he will play music someday on screen.
This is gonna be the first time that Irrfan will be working with Sushant who is self-confessed admirer.

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