Istvan Sky says Music Heals: Inspired by Indian Classical

Artists / by Yash Parikh / Jul 28, 2016

Total we are talking about Istvan Sky who believes & practices that Music Heals

Istvan Sky preaches how music heals. An artist from Budapest, Hungary finds his interest in Indian classical music and instruments since he became disciple of the renowned Indian Classical sarod maestro Smt. Sharan Rani in New Delhi. She taught him complex musical art (table, vocals and sarod). She got him acquainted with the Eastern way of life and philosophy with great honour. Istvan speaks of his master that one’s master is one’s teacher, one’s father, mother and leader, one’s everything. One must surrender completely to be able to become a man of knowledge.

Music Heals : Istvan Sky the man who heals by music

His learning phase doesn’t stop here and he still keeps on learning as he feels that learning is unending cycle. In 1994 he composed the musical score of the drama Einstein, directed by Mohan Maharishi under National School of Drama. Istvan has also performed in a number of international concerts, including the World Music Festival in Delhi in 1994. Here he performed his own pieces made up by blending together eastern and western musical traditions. Another event of such importance was the Videshi Kalakar Ustav Festival. Since his return from India, Istvan has played in many different groups, appearing in countries such as Holland, Switzerland, Austria, and in Hungary. His concert videos have been presented several times by the Hungarian state television and radio.

Istvan Sky’s Transition to Music Heals Practice

Istvan Sky has a unique way of giving birth to his music. He believes that the inner sounds come with a special feeling as if someone is messaging him. He doesn’t bring a piece of paper or a pen, he closes his eyes and listens to the flood. And the sounds just keep coming through the channel of light. He feels like swimming in this light. This is a rare experience in this earthly life. And the first voice comes: ‘Take this tune to the people. Sing it them to be happier and to be in the present.’ He says that sometimes he fasts and waits because he knows that he can get the sounds at any moment. He waits, sitting in a quiet location, among beautiful natural surroundings, under the cedar tree or on the shores of the lake and prepares his body. He doesn’t take food or water and lets his body go hungry and thirsty for this beautiful light. He believes that no words can describe the catharsis when the tune finally arrives to him. Then, with great respect and love, he thanks God for such a great gift that these songs could find a place in his heart.

Music Heals : Istvan Sky the man who heals by music

Istvan Sky is also a firm believer of the fact that music heals. He believes that music enables your cells to be glad and happy. You don’t talk and think then. Every chant is in the present, and present is the moment of the divine wholeness. Many people start to cry at his concerts. Per him the reason his audience cry is because poisons, problems, pain and hardness disappear from their body and being replaced by sensitivity, kindness, beauty, loving reception and harmony. You don’t have to defend yourself and be afraid of anyone in this state, you only exist in this timeless state, like a flower, which stretches up to the light, happy in the rain, the dew, the wind.

Music Heals : Leave Negativity Aside To Reborn

Istvan Sky runs an Ashram named “Surya Sangeeta Ashram” in Budapest. He teaches the students, how to leave all the negativity behind and reborn without pain with the help of music. The place where he composed the song called “The song of butterfly” along with three amazing artists Estas Tonne, Pablo Arellano, Indrė Kuliešiūtė. Istavan personally prefer this song to dilute his stress and go to deep in sound sleep.

Music Heals : Istvan Sky the man who heals by music

In the present era where the trend of picking up a guitar to look cool western artist is at its peak, it feels pleasure to see some western artist like him playing sarod and inspire other to get into Indian Classical Music.

Music Heals : Istvan Sky the man who heals by music

Yash Parikh
A person who finds writing and music almost same, having notes in routine life that are both high and low and yet in rhythm. He is also amateur flute and harmonica player. The best thing in music he think is you’ve to get yourself lost to reach somewhere certain. Writing and music are the two things I’ve always been fond of and writing about music would surely be pleasure.

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