Kabir Cafe: The band inspired by the Poet Kabir

Artists, Features / by Atit Sharma / Nov 17, 2016

Kabir’s poetry has been the inspiration of many classical songs. A Mumbai-based band Kabir Café is giving a modern twist to Kabir’s poem by converting them into rock version.

The famous poet of 15th century is the inspiration behind the band which is led by rhythm guitarist Neeraj Arya. The other members behind the band are percussionist Viren Solanki, Raman Iyer on Mandolin and Violinist Mukund Ramaswamy.

The band which has come up with the genre called “Kabir rock” fuses Carnatic elements with Kabir’s popular verses such as Chadariya jheeni re bini, Moko kahan dhoondhe re bande, mann lago mero yaar fakiri mein.

Mukund Ramaswamy says that classical music is timeless. Kabir is important poet and his music should reach youth.

The band has gained much popularity after concerts in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkatta. It also performs in villages during the Kabir Yatra.

They go to Kabir Yatra and perform every year in villages. In those places, people may be unaware of the soundtrack but they enjoy the music. They have a different experience playing there.

The band feels that what Kabir spoke centuries ago is still relevant. He spoke on humanity and gender equality and we donot see that. Caste system is still in existence in the society. Kabir’s message was unity and oneness. Further he wanted people to forget caste system and form a bond with human beings simply as human.

Atit Sharma
Atit works with an e-commerce company & follows music as a fanatic. In his word “Life is a dream for me and music is my ventilator, can’t live without it.”

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