Amazing Music Venues of Bengaluru

Features, Music Venues / by Kunjan K. / Jul 03, 2016

Bengaluru popularly known as Bangalore is famous as pub capital of India, but that’s not the only thing famous about the Metropolitan. There are some fine places that blend food and beverage with great music and energising live acts.

Here are some Amazing Music Venues of Bengaluru, you can’t miss to go


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Opus always ensures to cater from jazz and blues acts, to metal men, from musical productions to karaoke nights. It wouldn’t be erroneous to label Opus as a movement, rather than just a venue. Opus has took over almost every global and local occasion, unified pop-culture into their productions and constructed the brand into one of the coolest places to be in the city. The setting is said to be Goan encouraged, but we’ve had people walking in and thinking of it as a Greek-themed establishment. Their management takes active interest in everything from the aesthetics, creativity, music, food and beverages.

Hard Rock Café

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American Pub life is what you are dreaming of, just hop in Hard Rock Café without a passport. If you are a classis music admirer, you are likely to be drowned in yesteryears as this place is a heaven for you. Many famous performances have taken place in this venue. International music sensations to amateur bands – have all found a platform here. The café in fact hosts live performances every Thursday wherein bands from different parts of the country get to platform their talent.  The management also hosts a battle of bands that gets a lot of coverage and throws out a new band in the limelight.

The Humming Tree

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Second home to Bengaluru’s indie sceneites, The Humming Tree have excelled drastically for music venues in India over the past two years. Nikhil Barua who is the owner wanted to provide a platform for musicians to meet and greet, team up, and perform. The Humming Tree boasts itself on being a performance based venue first and nightlife or dining place later. It was just close to two years since its inception and The Humming Tree has bagged bands and musicians from assorted genres, states and countries. All in all, this is place to have interesting and delicious food, wicked drinks and congenial thoughts in an authentic environment during the day and a diverse music venue with extra-ordinary sound at night.

Indigo Live Music Bar

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Radio Indigo’s live music space is proud to claim as Bangalore’s first music bar. A very well architected, this music venue caters from rock and indie to house, techno and dance music. There’s also a Karaoke night every Wednesday if that’s your cup of tea. Gigs you may have known includes Mikey Mcleary, a India’s Jingle King and Rachel Varghese of ‘Get Gorgeous’ fame performing some jazzy tunes will make dance on the floor.

Phoenix Marketcity

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A massive venue for the first timers is likely to gaze in wonder at this large sprawling melange of retail and commercial establishments. The mall lovers also cater to your musical cravings apart from catering to the shopaholic in you.  They have fulfilled a stage for everyone from bathroom singers, to struggling musicians and even big names. Being a mall, there are multiple options for you to grab some refreshments, and if the music or performance isn’t to your taste, you go shop.

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