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When we talk about live music and Mumbai Music Venues, the combination gives really an awesome feel. The live music scene & Mumbai Music Venues has been growing over years. A city which is full of bollywood music and musicians, the people over here loves spending their weekends listening to live music at various popular mumbai music venues around the city. Let’s have some look on few popular Mumbai Music Venues that hosts and promotes bands and artists.

Hard Rock Café

Started in 2006, this is one of the most popular music venues in Mumbai. Hard Rock Café have two branches in Mumbai. The first one that started on 12 Sep, 2006 is located at Worli, Mumbai. And the second one is located at Andheri Mumbai which was established on 1st Sep, 2013. Hard Rock Café is the ideal venue in Mumbai to enjoy the live music along with friends and Family. In Mumbai Music Venues, Hard Rock Cafe is of the happening Mumbai Music Venues.

Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai Music Venues

If we talk about the Hard Rock café located in Worli, its walls are pinned up with the photographs and history of various Bands and artists like Madonna, Led Zepplin, and Elvis Presley etc. It features two stages which can hold simultaneous performances. It’s a 6000 square foot space that can accommodate around 169 guests. The Mumbai cafe also features bars and a private section, which is ideal for  parties, corporate events and other opportunities.  Not just the live music, you will also find music accessories here. You cannot miss to buy the exclusive collection of t-shirts, mugs, shot glasses etc.

The second Hard Rock Café in Mumbai, which is located at Andheri, is the perfect blend of entertainment, Music and great food. The walls of 6600 square foot café are carved with iconic clothings and instruments played by some real music legends. Just like Worli branch, here also you can find various tshirts, mugs, pint glasses etc .

Apart from Mumbai, Hard rock café also has its branches in India at Pune, Goa, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and New Delhi.

Blue Frog

Blue Frog has played a revolutionary role in bringing up the live music scene in Mumbai, which has now branches in Pune & Bangalore. It is revolutionary because it has contributed a lot to the indie & artists across the genre by giving them a platform by not just giving them a place to perform live but also promoted them across the platforms online & offline. The People who laid the foundation of the concept behind Bluefrog are from varied background & were into music & entertainment industry in some or the other way. They shared a sentiment that music can shape up the industry canvas if it is approached the right way, marketed suitably and given a platform to show its diversity.  Blue frog is a global revolutionary music project because they program in an innovative manner as well as they put in various initiative to promote artists with various forms of collaborations & initiatives.

Mumbai Music Venues

It was founded in 2007 and has a 400 capacity and usually found jam-packed whenever they have any artist performing because that the love for music which people in Mumbai have and they just love this venue. The interiors are cool having circular dining pods and quality acoustics. Here from Tuesdays to Thursdays you will find rock, jazz and world music, whereas Fridays to Saturdays are electronic nights. This makes bluefrog one of the happening music venues of Mumbai!

Mehboob Studios

The iconic Mehboob Studios was set-up in 1954 by Hindi Film producer and director Mehboob Khan. It covers area of  20,000 square yards and have five shooting stages. You feel the creativity as soon as you enter the area. It has lovely outdoors for refreshing walks and is considered as one of the best places in Mumbai for gigs, concerts and music festivals.  If you are looking for some indie music scene then Mehboob studios is the best place to look out for. It features everything from hard rock to hard core Indian gigs.

Mumbai Music Venues

If you are a regular visitor to Mehboob Studios then you definitely need to check “Live from Console” held twice a month on Saturdays over here. “Live from Console” is an initiative by indie division of Sony Music India. It brings to you the live performances by young and talented artists which vary from acoustics, electronic and hip-hop to alternaive rock and progressive. The gigs here at times are supported by screening of music-centered films.

National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)

The National Centre for Performing Arts is one of the first and initial music venues of Mumbai. If you have a liking for traditional Indian music then National Centre for performing Arts is the perfect  place for you in Mumbai.  It’s famous for Indian classical performances, symphony orchestras, western classical music etc. It was founded in 1969 by JRD Tata and Dr Jamshed Bhabha and hosts number of annual music festivals.

Mumbai Music Venues

The centre is also hub of mumbai’s high defined music, theatre and dance scenes. It hosts experimental plays, photography exhibitions, Indian classical music, poetry readings etc. Many performances are free of cost and don’t charge you anything.

NCPA has five major performance venues namely Godrej Dance Theatre , Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, Experimental Theatre Tata Theatre, and Little Theatre. Music concerts, plays, ballets operas, film screenings, and dance performances are organised in these theatres.

This cultural centre have a huge music library which has around collection of 1396 cassettes, 5622 old records, 116 CDs and special editions of classic musical pieces.


A trendy bar with mushroom shaped Umbrellas and tables in the rooftop are located somewhat in lemon-yellow building near KFC. Bonobo is a music venue in Mumbai hosting gigs on Fridays and Saturday nights. The air-conditioned room at  Bonobo can hold up to 100 standing people, whereas its rooftops holds the other crowd. Most of the crowd you will find near tables sipping cocktails.

Mumbai Music Venues, Bonobo

Bonobo hosts a monthly night that features “bass heavy” sounds . It includes music like drum n bass, dubstep etc. . From beat-boxers to DJ nights, all you can find here Here various artists performs ranging from cover bands, EDM, dubstep, bass and reggae.

Horniman Circle Gardens

Located on the site of Bombay Green, Horniman Circle comprises a garden and surrounding office complexes and buildings. It was built by the former governor of Bombay, Henry Bartle Frere, in 1872. . Horniman Circle Gardens is one of the city’s most famous parks and also popular as Mumbai’s greenest music venue. The garden covers an area of around 10101 square meters.  The Asiatic Society of Bombay passes by the Horniman Circle Gardens and the Reserve Bank of India

Mumbai Music Venues

It has been host to Kala Ghoda Arts festival. It includes various music and dance. Its also house to Ruhaniyat , India’s most famous touring Sufi music festival. It features qawwali bands and sufi music artists.

So if you are in Mumbai or are planning to be in Mumbai, don’t forget to check out one of these mumbai music venues and enjoy the music. Stay tuned with MusicFulcrum.Com To Know about Indian Music Scene & Mumbai Music Venue.



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