About Music Fulcrum

The Larger Picture to Promote Indian Music Scene

Music Fulcrum is a platform for the musically inclined it has evolved from the simple idea that music is a way of life. We Promote Indian Music Scene & are here to place to connect people around music. We focus to promote Indian Music Scene & Artist across all genre with Digital & Onground presence. Our Team & Contributors are people music fanatics, musicians & from the Scene as we really wanted people who understands it to promote in the right manner with passion for music. With this platform our vision is to engage in the scene in a way so to make Music Scene sustainable. We are working on bringing music promoters on one platform to channelise digital and onground presence. Music Fulcrum will make easer for music to reach out to world easier and create relevant audiences. We are looking forward to partner everyone right form artists to agencies to venues and so on, because the best way to go about promoting music is to collaborate. Lets RiseUpWidMusic together, cheers! Lets RiseUpWidMusic

Collaboration To Create & Promote Wonders

When Art of musicians together with various arts like visual, marketing & technology it will channelise it for great collaboration to create wonders. It is important to reach out to who would really value it, follow it, buy & support music. For reaching audience we want you to put basics right andwe will make it simpler, rest leave it on magic of music. To make this process viable we work on various collaborations & innovations to let the music artist enable to give more time to for music and we connect them to the world as well as platforms. We are here to bring the World as near to you as possible. Do share your story, music & updates with us we will make you reach to the people who matters & create conversations with your music.

Vishwam Parekh

Music Promoter @ Music Fulcrum

info@musicfulcrum.com / +91 9825361982