Sufi Music and Bollywood: A peaceful blend of music

Artists, Features / by Atit Sharma / Nov 18, 2016

Sufi music is the music that touches the heart differently. When the sound, music and lyrics are synonymous to words like roohaniyat, sukoon etc, that is what is Sufi music. One need not to follow the culture to understand the music it delivers, one just need to connect to the music to understand it. The emotional connect and purity that Sufi music gives is what makes it popular.

Some of the popular bollywood sufi tracks are Saaiyan (Heroine), Kabira (Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani), Kun Faya Kun (Rockstar), Arziyan (Delhi 6), Piya Haji Ali (Fiza) etc. On listening to these tracks you connect to sufi music and you realize that there is a different magical melody in sufi poetry.

In last few years, sufi music have seen a drastic rise in bollywood movies. There has been an increase in the sufi tracks in the bollywood movies. But this isn’t something new in bollywood movies. This has been a trend in bollywood movies since decades. In old times sufi music was closely connected to the bollywood. Every second movie used to have a Qawaali song.

There has been a lot of change in sufi music these days. With the help of instruments and experiments it has blended with qawwali, majazi, haqiqi, trance music, rock, pop and EDM. The sheer popularity of this genre has adapted it in many bollywood songs. The sheer variety that sufi offers is what is leading it to its acceptance across generations.

Atit Sharma
Atit works with an e-commerce company & follows music as a fanatic. In his word “Life is a dream for me and music is my ventilator, can’t live without it.”

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