The Royal Opera House, Mumbai to be live again on 20th October, 2016

Artists, Features / by Atit Sharma / Oct 18, 2016

Royal Opera house, an imposing Baroque building, which is also termed as Opera House is India’s only surviving Opera House. After being dead for almost 23 years it’s soon going to be alive again on 20th October, 2016.

There’s a “Pooja” organized on 18th October at Opera House. After which on 20th October, the film festival night will be observed. On 21st October there will be an opera performance by Mumbai-born British Soprano Patricia Rozario. The event is organized by Maharaja Joytendrasinhji Jadeja and Maharani Kumud Kumari Jadeja.

The team of Conservationists has worked hard to restore Opera House to its original glory. But how can we forget the man behind the Royal Opera House i.e “Maurice Bandmann”. Bandmann and Jehangir Framji Karaka built the Opera House in 1911. There had been awesome and great performances in those days by the legendary artists like Bal Gandharva and Lata Mangeshkar.

Initially the Opera was strictly used for Opera performances only and was strictly limited to city’s elite British Officials and a few europeans. Due to emergence of talkie movies in 1930’s the emergence of cinemas increased. In 1935 the Opera building was reinvented as cinema hall. After 1947 the single-theatre cinemas tooka down-turn which led to enough of loss to Opera at later years.

In 1952 Opera was taken over by the royal Family of Gondal. The Gondal Family took care to renovate and restore it in 2009 under the conservation of architect “Abha Narain Lambah”. The entire work is now complete and the Opera House is to start again on October 20th. It will play the opening ceremony to the Mumbai Film Festival.

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