Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ): An emerging humanitarian band

Artists, Indian Indie Music / by Atit Sharma / Nov 16, 2016

It has been 20 years for “Thermal and a Quarter” in the music industry. The band has been founded by the guitarist Bruce Lee and the drummer Rajeev Rajgopal. The band is into some unique humanitarian purpose right now. The band is raising funds right now to teach music to underprivledged students. The purpose behind this is to mark the tribute to the twenty years of their music school “Taaqademy”.

The artists have released 7 albums till date and have performed in India and abroad. Rajeev, one of the band’s founder members says that they have played most number of shows in Europe. They were quite surprised by the kind of response the crowd gives there and kind of knowledge that they have. This makes them feel that they are being judged on merit.

The founder members of the band i.e. Bruce Lee and the drummer Rajeev Rajgopal feels that music education if done rightly have lot of values. Bruce Lee further says that a structured music education changes you. It teaches you several things like teamwork, creativity and expression. They have been teaching at international schools since last few years. The reason behind starting the project with underprivileged children is to help them understand the skills and make them able enough to pursue what they want.

“Thermal and a Quarter” is working on the concept “No wall too high”. This was launched few days back to support three schools in the city of Bengluru. They have tie-up with crowdfunding platform and they have been successful in raising 70% of the ten lakhs they are targeting. The Taaqademy team will train the students of all the classes for a year. They are also targeting to find some skilled students whom they would train separately so that they can become the teachers.

Atit Sharma
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